Keep Heating and Cooling in Your West Chester Home by Sealing Air Leaks Tight

by Greg Leisgang on March 3, 2014

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sealing air leaksThe heating and cooling that occurs in your home relies on a variety of factors. One such factor is avoiding too many air leaks that allow conditioned air to escape. If your home is experiencing leakage -- and it'd be a safe bet to assume this is the case -- then it's important that you tackle the problem sooner rather than later to improve your home's energy efficiency.

Identifying Air Leakage

Air leakage can occur in a number of areas in your home. Sometimes you'll feel a draft under your door or through a gap in a window. Or your furnace flue or other area may have developed a crack or gap over the years. Many of these problems can be solved by the use of caulking or weatherstripping. If you're having trouble identifying where your leaks are or to get an in-depth idea of what you're up against, hire an HVAC technician to perform an evaluation of your home.

Caulking and Weatherstripping

Most problems with air leakage can be solved with caulking or weatherstripping, since cracks and gaps tend to not be very big in the majority of cases. The type you choose for each will depend on the surface that needs to be fixed. You can find out more specific details on the package or inquire at your local hardware store.

Application of each is relatively easy. For caulking, you'll need a caulking gun. You'll squeeze the tube starting about an inch before the area to be fixed, and then end it about an inch after. Just make sure that you do it smoothly and then all that's left is to wait for it to dry. For weatherstripping, once you've chosen the proper type for the surface and cut it to fit, firmly stick it flush with the surface.

For more expert advice on sealing air leaks to improve your heating and cooling, or any other home comfort issues, contact the technicians at Tri-County Heating & Cooling. We've been serving the greater West Chester area for more than 40 years.

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