Add Weatherstripping to Your To-Do List to Keep the Air Conditioning Indoors

by Greg Leisgang on May 30, 2014

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weatherstrippingEnergy losses through air leaks can occur rather quickly inside a home, depending on the size and number of air leaks. Leaks are often a primary contributor for hot and cold spots throughout the house, making it difficult to stay comfortable and keep energy dollars from leaving the home. For a simple solution to a very expensive air conditioning and comfort problem, look into weatherstripping for sealing in cool energy savings and comfort.

Home Sealing With Weatherstripping

It would be quite difficult to keep the air conditioning inside a home on a hot afternoon with the windows and doors wide open. In essence, common air leaks around windows and doors do the same thing around the clock—allow unobstructed heat gain or loss between indoor conditioned spaces and the outside environment. The good news is that a simple strip of foam, silicon or plastic makes a big and immediate impact on home efficiency, comfort and lessening the air conditioning load.

How to Find and Seal Air Leaks

To seal air leaks around windows and doors, you’ve got to find them. If you feel drafts near closed windows and doors, there are probably air leaks. Hold an incense stick or smoke pencil. Trace the perimeter of all window and access doors, including the attic access door or hatch. If the smoke wavers, you've found an air leak.

Weatherstripping is available in different materials, shapes and colors to match the application and space to be sealed, as well as the design of the particular living space. These are a few of common weatherstripping materials and applications to keep the air conditioning in your home:

  • Foam strips or plastic tubular weatherstripping are excellent around door perimeters.
  • Foam strips are recommended around the attic hatch.
  • V-strip tension weatherstripping is good for sides of double-hung and sliding windows. Foam is excellent for the bottom and top of window sashes.
  • Don't forget wall switch plates. Gaskets are good for blocking filtration.

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